Frequently Asked Questions

// Prospective Clients

  1. What is Disaster Recovery?

    Disaster Recovery is more than just offsite backup. It means taking a comprehensive approach to your business continuity, including defining your Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives, and ensuring that all of your critical data is recoverable within those parameters.

  2. Why should I use a Disaster Recovery service?

    Would you run your business without insurance? Would you leave all your cash and valuables in plain sight? If not, why would you risk the most important files and data in your company?! Proper Disaster Recovery planning involves both securing and archiving your data so that you can rest assured it will be available to you (and only to you!) in any emergency.

  3. How does Evergreen Backup work?

    Your Evergreen Backup experience starts with one of our highly skilled engineers collaborating with you to identify the most important data in your organization. Then, he/she remotely installs a small piece of software on your desktop, laptop, or server, and configures that software to automatically and continuously back up your files to our remote servers located in the cloud. Your information is always transmitted over secure channels, and is archived using military-grade encryption. If you ever need to recover lost or corrupt data, our engineers will personally assist with your data restoration to ensure that you're "back in business" as soon as possible.

  4. What are the recommended system specifications for Evergreen Backup?

    Each Evergreen Backup deployment is different, and our engineers take great care to ensure that your installation does not jeopardize the stability or speed of your system. Generally, for conventional desktop configurations, a 2+GHz processor, 4+GB of RAM, and 10+GB of free hard drive space is recommended. Additional capacity may be required for more sophisticated implementations, including server backup roles. Further, for certain Evergreen Backup services (e.g. Local and Bare Metal Backups), an external hard drive is required (provided by Evergreen), which also mandates an available high-speed USB port.

  5. Are remote backups safe?

    In fact, the data residing on our servers is often more secure than the files sitting on your own computer! We transmit your data over SSL-encrypted channels, meaning that no one can view or intercept it on its way to our data centers. Even before your data is sent, it is encrypted with a unique key, and it remains that way on our cloud servers. We've taken extreme precautions to ensure the safety of your data, and our data centers have been certified as SSAE-16 compliant.

  6. I already have a backup system in place. Can I still use Evergreen Backup?

    Of course, and we strongly recommend it! Having an external hard drive hooked up to your computer is a great start; however, it can hardly be considered a robust Disaster Recovery solution. Evergreen Backup protects you from data loss due to theft, fire, and other natural disasters, in addition to guarding your data from viruses, malware, and other data corruption threats. Also, Evergreen Backup allows you to recover data from months and years in the past - far more than an average external drive can accomodate.

  7. What sets Evergreen Backup apart from remote backup providers?

      Evergreen Carbonite Pro MozyPro
    Customized Installation No No
    Fully Managed No No
    Unlimited Versioning/Archival No No
    Routine Audits & Monitoring No No
    SSAE-16 Certified Data Centers No Yes
    Seeding Service No Yes
    Expedited Recovery No No
    Bare Metal Backup/Restoration No No
    Microsoft SQL Server® No* Yes
    Microsoft Exchange Server® No* Yes
    Microsoft SharePoint Server® No No
    Supports Regulatory Compliance No No
    *Requires Third-Party Application

  8. What Disaster Recovery service plans does Evergreen Backup offer?

    We offer an extremely broad array of Disaster Recovery solutions, including continuous data, Microsoft SQL Server®, Microsoft Exchange Server®, Microsoft SharePoint Server®, Bare Metal, and Local backup services.

    For a complete listing, please visit our "Plans" and "Features" pages, or click here.

  9. How much does Evergreen Backup cost?

    Our Disaster Recovery plans are very cost effective, and start at only $20 per month! Pricing varies depending upon the services you select, your data volume, and the term of your agreement.

    For more information, or to request a quote, click here.

  10. Do I have to sign an annual contract?

    Not at all! We offer month-to-month service agreements; however, significant discounts are offered on annual and multi-year plans.

  11. Does Evergreen Backup support HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliance?

    While there is no official agency that certifies a backup or Disaster Recovery solution as "HIPAA compliant," our plans can offer support for the stringent security and data maintenance requirements mandated by HIPAA, HITECH Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley regulations. If you have specific regulatory concerns, our engineers are more than happy to discuss how our infrastructure and policies can help address your compliance imperatives.

// Existing Clients

  1. How do I know that my backup is running properly?

    In a nutshell, "no news is good news" when it comes to your backup! Rather than inundating our clients with hourly or daily e-mails reflecting the success of their backup routines (and risking SPAM-flagging and/or desensitization to true issues), we prefer to submit only failure or warning notices to our clients in the event of a suspected malfunction. So, unless you hear from us to the contrary, you may safely assume that your backup is functional. We perform both automated and manual audits of our systems on a routine basis to ensure best practices and the highest possible uptime and service reliability. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the integrity of your backups, please don't hesitate to contact us at

  2. Periodically, I'm unable to access files on my computer. Can Evergreen Backup be the cause?

    Evergreen Backup is engineered to have the lightest footprint possible. That said, if you happen to be working on a data-intensive file at the identical time as our software is attempting to back it up for you, you may find yourself in what's termed a "lock condition" - in essence, unable to open and/or modify that file until the backup routine has completed. If this presents a recurring issue for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. Often, we can calibrate the frequency of your backups to minimize or completely eliminate such occurrences.

  3. My Internet connection seems to be running slowly. Can Evergreen Backup be the cause?

    Our software is seldom the culprit when diagnosing Internet performance issues. Not only do we aggressively compress our data streams, but we also throttle our bandwidth consumption based upon availability. However, on particularly slow connections, even our minimal traffic can impact performance. That's why we recommend that our clients employ broadband Internet connections with at least 6Mbps downstream and 3Mbps upstream potential. As a general rule, if you are experiencing Internet slowness across your network, we recommend that you first contact your ISP and/or IT service provider before attempting to modify any specific settings on your computer.

  4. I have multiple Evergreen Backup icons on my computer. Which ones do I need?

    Our service consists of two key components: our Remote Support software (which permits us to deploy, update, and maintain your backup service), and our Backup Client (the application that actually performs your backup routines). Because different clients utilize different versions and/or varieties of our software, you may see a diversity of Evergreen Backup icons on your computer including permutations of our logo, a house-like icon, or bi-directional arrows. Before attempting to remove any backup software or icons from your computer, please contact us. Accidental removal of our software may result in failure of our service and an inability to properly back up your data.

  5. I've just installed a new computer to replace my old system. How do I transfer Evergreen Backup to the new computer?

    Please contact us immediately if you have replaced a computer that was previously configured with Evergreen Backup. We will be happy to perform the transfer for you. Also, if you haven't already done so, please be sure to download the Evergreen Backup Remote Support software on your new computer (enabling us to perform the new deployment):


  6. My monthly billing from Evergreen Backup has changed. Why is my pricing lower/higher this month?

    The pricing for your Evergreen Backup service is based upon two factors: your service fee and your data fee. The service fee remains fixed throughout your agreement term, while your data fee may increase or decrease based upon your actual storage consumption. In general, for our Core service, data is billed in 10GB increments. Also, our billing operates on a prorated basis, so you may see fractional dollars on your monthly billing due to this calculus. If you have any questions or concerns about your Evergreen Backup billing, please don't hesitate to contact our team at

  7. How long will it take for my initial backup routine to finish?

    The duration of an initial backup routine varies according to two main factors: the amount of data that's being backed up, and the speed of your Internet connection.

    For sake of illustration, we'll use a 100GB dataset over a 5Mbps upstream Internet connection. Assuming maximum bandwidth availability/consumption throughout (a virtual impossibility in the real world), it would take just over 50 hours to perform an initial backup given these two parameters. Subsequent backups, being differential in nature, will inherently take significantly less time.

  8. My computer has been off for several days. Why didn't I receive a warning from Evergreen Backup?

    We run automated and manual system audits on a weekly basis, and we are notified promptly in the event of any acute backup errors. However, we do not submit immediate warnings/notifications when systems are merely offline and not generating errors. Instead, since data cannot change (and therefore require backup) when a system is powered off, we reserve such notifications for our weekly audits, assuming that a system has remained offline for more than three consecutive days.

  9. How often does Evergreen Backup run? Can I change my backup schedule?

    By default, Evergreen Backup is configured to run on an hourly basis. However, custom backup schedules are available. If you would like to modify your backup routine to accommodate your particular needs, please don't hesitate to contact us at

  10. I just installed a new program on my computer. Do I need to contact Evergreen Backup to ensure that it's protected?

    Generally, yes, it is highly advisable to contact us after installing any new software that may require backup. This precaution helps ensure that all of the relevant files and/or directories that comprise your new software's dataset are properly protected. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

  11. I need to restore a file and/or my computer failed. What should I do?

    That's what we're here for! Please contact us at or via phone (248-327-4522 or 855-228-1234) for assistance with your data restoration needs. Our standard hours of operation are 9AM-5PM ET; however, we strive to accommodate our clients' needs even outside of those times, when necessary. When contacting us for restoration assistance, please provide the following:

       Your System Name
       The Files/Folders you'd like to restore
       The Date/Time from which you'd like to recover your data

  12. How do I know what's being backed up through Evergreen Backup?

    Upon service activation, all of our clients receive a confirmation e-mail containing a list of the systems, directories, and files that comprise their backup-sets. Additionally, every monthly billing receipt contains a reiteration of this information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your particular backup configuration, please feel free to contact us at

  13. I'd like to back up more computers through Evergreen Backup. How should I proceed?

    Our engineers are more than happy to help increase your level of protection by adding more computers to your Evergreen Backup configuration! Please e-mail ( or call us (248-327-4522 or 855-228-1234) with any such requests, and we're often able to provision your new services on a same-day basis!

  14. How far back in time can I go when restoring my data?

    By default, Evergreen Backup is able to restore data from up to 90 days in the past (assuming, of course, that your service has been active for at least that long). However, custom configurations for longer retention are available. Please contact us at with any questions or requests regarding our versioning/retention policies, especially with regard to regulatory compliance and the like. Many of our clients enjoy the ability to archive their data through Evergreen Backup for years, and we're always happy to architect the optimal solution for your particular needs!

  15. Can you help me restore a specific program on my computer?

    Evergreen Backup is designed to protect your data. Unless your configuration includes "Bare Metal Backup" service, unfortunately, we are unable to restore entire applications on your computer. By way of illustration, we can readily back up all of the Microsoft® Word documents on your computer; however, we do not back up Microsoft® Word, itself. The reason for this is that software, unlike most data files, includes configuration of settings with your operating system's registry and other external sources; whereas, individual data files are self-contained. If you have any questions about the extent of your system and/or application protection, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  16. My computer is malfunctioning and/or has a virus. Can you help me repair it?

    As much as we strive to address all of our clients' data needs, we do not provide IT services beyond the realm of backup and disaster recovery. Therefore, if you require broader assistance with your computer systems, including software installation, virus removal, new software/hardware configuration, etc., we recommend that you contact your IT service provider before engaging in any restoration activities through Evergreen Backup. For references to qualified national IT service providers, please feel free to e-mail us at

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